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Pamela Guevara
Pamela GuevaraAssociate Professor - Department of Electrical Engineering

Who am I?

My name is Pamela, I’m an Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical EngineeringFaculty of EngineeringUniversidad de Concepción.

I am an Electronic Civil Engineer (Universidad de Concepción), and I did my postgraduate studies in the area of ​​biomedicine, in France, at the Université Paris-Sud.

I followed Master 2 in Information, Systems and Technology, Medical Imaging specialty, and then I studied a PhD in Physics, specializing in the same area. Both the Master’s thesis and the Doctorate thesis were carried out in a large brain study center called Neurospin, located in Saclay, France.

In the University of Concepción, I am a professor mainly of the Biomedical Civil Engineering career, of which I am also a Career Manager. I also teach courses for the career of Electronic Civil Engineering, and postgraduate students. More information about the courses I currently teach can be found in the Teaching section.

My main area of ​​research is the development of tools for the study and analysis of brain connectivity, using brain tractography data from Diffusion Magnetic Resonance (dMRI). More details of my research are in the Investigation section, including an exhaustive list of publications.

Since my first years at University, I really liked programming, especially the programming of optimized algorithms that make efficient use of resources. I really like the C language because of its great versatility with respect to these aspects, like C ++, because of the possibilities it offers to generate extensible, maintainable and easy-to-use libraries. However, in recent years, I have seen the advantages of using Python, which, as a multi-paradigm interpreted language, allows the rapid development of algorithms and test codes. It also allows the simple transfer of codes to other users, including researchers from other specialties, not experts in programming.

Regarding the areas of development, I have always been interested in image processing and scientific visualization. In general, I am also interested in the development of applications with a high degree of interactivity and graphic content. I have been able to develop these areas during my undergraduate and postgraduate studies, and I have continued to do so in my current research, mainly through undergraduate and graduate students, some associated with research projects. The areas of application are wide, and I have been able to develop works in areas such as oceanography, education, psychology, neuroscience and, of course, other applications in biomedicine, such as diagnostic support systems or cognitive stimulation systems. A detailed list of the undergraduate and postgraduate thesis that I have directed is in the students section.

Here you can see some of my Hobbies. Some of my best Paintings can be seen below.