Brain Connectivity and Medical Imaging in IIT UdeC

//Brain Connectivity and Medical Imaging in IIT UdeC

Brain Connectivity and Medical Imaging in IIT UdeC

On December 2nd 2020, the Institute of Technological Research of University of Concepción (ITT UdeC) published a conversation with professor Pamela Guevara, in which the academic from the Faculty of Engineering and part of the Engineering Center for Life team explains what medical imaging is, as well as its application and importance in health centers, speaking from her own experience and knowledge.

Later, the article focuses in the professor’s work in the field of magnetic resonance imaging, and in particular its use in the study of brain connectivity for the search of patterns and biomarkers, with the goal of achieving an early detection of neurological disorders such as autistic spectrum disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar syndrome, among others.

Finally, emphasis is placed on the complexity implied in the implementation of these tools in sanitary centers, especially regarding the acquisition and handling of large volumes of data.

Read the full news in the following link (in Spanish).

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