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Prof. Pamela Guevara participates as exhibitor at LACONEU 2019

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Professor Pamela Guevara participated as exhibitor of LACONEU 2019, "Latin America Summer School in Computational Neuroscience, which took place in the city of Valparaíso, Chile, from January 7th through the 25th, 2019.   The school counted with prominent national and international exhibitors, and with the presence of postgraduate students, from different Latin American countries, and some [...]

News on “El Sur” newspaper about study of brain connections

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On January 15th, 2018, El Sur newspaper published a report about the studies carried out by the Medical Images Analysis Group UdeC, in conjunction with collaborators from the Neurospin Center for the Study of the Brain, located in Saclay, France.   The article describes a study published on Brain magazine, developed at Neurospin by Marc Antoine d'Albis, under the direction [...]

FONDECYT project offers Unity tutorial to develop VR applications

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On December 19th and 20th, 2018, Biomedical Engineer from UdeC, Ignacio Espinoza, dictated a Unity tutorial, where he taught the basic concepts and main steps to develop simple applications on this platform. The activity was attended by undergraduate students and teachers from different majors of the Faculty of Engineering UdeC. The event counted with the invaluable [...]

FONDEQUIP for Education to analyse neurocognitive learning with engineers

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Collaborating with relevant information in teacher training and motivating high level scientific production in real contexts with common social interactions, such as the classroom, are the objectives sought by the FONDEQUIP (CONICYT) project, adjudicated by Mabel Urrutia of the Faculty of Education, in collaboration with academics Pamela Guevara and Esteban Pino of the Faculty of Engineering, [...]