Opinion piece on first gender equality policy in science and technology

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Opinion piece written by professor Pamela Guevara, published in El Mostrador newspaper and in RevistaEI magazine, about the first gender equality policy in science and technology: "A greater participation of women and further positioning of their leading role in sciences and technology can contribute to girls and young women to feel secure and motivated to project [...]

Professor Guevara joins the Group of Principal Investigators at AC3E

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Starting May 2021, Dr. Pamela Guevara is a Principal Researcher at the Advanced Center for Electrical and Electronic Engineering (AC3E), in charge of the Biomedical Systems research line. Regarding the achievement, the professor commented: “It is an honour to be part of a group of prominent researchers that contribute to excellence research in different areas, [...]

AC3E celebrates its researchers and students on the Day of Women and Girls in Science

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On February 11, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science was celebrated, a day which seeks to promote their equitable participation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In this context, the Advanced Center for Electrical and Electronic Engineering (AC3E) of the Federico Santa María Technical University, in conjunction with ANID's Linkage and Extension Unit, [...]

ANID’s Homage in the International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2021

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Within the context of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, celebrated on February 11, Professor Pamela Guevara was honoured by ANID's Millennium Scientific Initiative. This recognition highlighted the professor's work in the use of atlases of brain fiber bundles based on magnetic resonance imaging, applied to the study of neurological disorders such as [...]

Brain Connectivity and Medical Imaging in IIT UdeC

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On December 2nd 2020, the Institute of Technological Research of University of Concepción (ITT UdeC) published a conversation with professor Pamela Guevara, in which the academic from the Faculty of Engineering and part of the Engineering Center for Life team explains what medical imaging is, as well as its application and importance in health centers, speaking [...]

Sebastián Moyano awarded at INGELECTRA 2020 Congress

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Sebastián Moyano, Biomedical Engineer and student of the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering w/m in Electrical Engineering UdeC, who obtained the Award for innovative work and First place in the Postgraduate category at the INGELECTRA 2020 conference, held virtually between October 14th to the 16th, 2020.⁣ He presented the work “Support system for upper limb [...]

FI Engineer obtained funding in the second stage of FONDEF VIU 2020

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Biomedical Engineer and current Masters in Electrical Engineering student Sebastián Moyano was one of four students from University of Concepción to obtain funding in the second stage of FONDEF VIU (Valorization of Investigation at University) 2020. His proposal is entitled "Haptic glove for the rehabilitation of patients with motor sequelae in upper limbs", and its [...]

Brain Connectomics School 2019

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From September 23 to 27, 2019, the Summer School on Brain Connectomics, sponsored by MICCAI and the IEEE Signal Processing Society, was held at the University of Verona, Italy. Many of the leading authors of image processing applied to the study of the human connectome presented in it. Professor Pamela Guevara participated in the school, which [...]

Professor Pamela Guevara gives talk at Liceo Comercial

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Between October 5th and 13th, 2019, the XXV National Week of Science and Technology took place, in which two talks were presented by teachers of the Faculty of Engineering at University of Concepción, Katherina Fernández and Pamela Guevara, to Junior and Senior students of the "Liceo Comercial" Female School of Concepción, in the context of [...]

Engineers from the Faculty of Engineering at UdeC obtained funding from the ninth VIU Fondef-Conicyt grants competition

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On August 6th 2019 the results of the IX VIU FONDEF-CONICYT grant competition were informed. The objective of this competition is the valorization of research done in Chilean universities, by promoting the formation of entrepreneurship, businesses, or enterprises based on research done by students in the context of their thesis or university graduating activities.In this opportunity, [...]