Presentation at CINV-AC3E neuroscience meeting

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On August 22nd 2019, the first scientific-academic encounter between the Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Center (CINV) (University of Valparaíso) and the Advanced Center for Electrical and Electronic Engineering (AC3E) (Technical University Federico Santa María) took place. The event included the presentation of the lines of research of the Millennium Institute scientists and the AC3E engineers, as well [...]

Scientists from the “1000 Scientists 1000 Classrooms” Program visit “San José” School in the Month of Science

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On August 8th, 2019, professor Pamela Guevara visited the "San José" school to present a talk titled "Study of the brain through Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Virtual Reality". After explaining the bases of the acquisition and analysis of brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Electronic Engineering student Francisco Beltrán explained the functioning of a Virtual Reality application [...]

#SoyUdeC: Dr. Pamela Guevara Álvez, leader of the Medical Images Analysis Group #UdeC

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University of Concepción featured professor Pamela Guevara in #SoyUdeC, a series of short videos that highlights notable members from the university. The video mentions her early interest in arts and engineering, the creation of the Medical Images Analysis Group, as well as her participation in the promotion of women in engineering and STEM fields.(Video in spanish) [...]

Claudio Román presented at EMBC 2019 Berlin

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From July 23rd to 27th, 2019, at Berlin, the 41st International Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference (EMBC) took place, organised by the EMBS. The main topic of the conference was "Biomedical Engineering from well-being to intensive care", and included oral presentations as well as posters from researchers and students, exhibitions from biomedical companies and [...]

“Ciencia sin Ficción” Show: “Project helps understand brain functioning through high resolution images”

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The "Ciencia Sin Ficción" (Science without Fiction) show made a report about the research developed by researcher Pamela Guevara, where the main projects made by his team for the study of the brain and brain connectivity are exhibited. The interview also included collaborating researcher Cecilia Hernández, who supports computer research and development, Electronic Engineer Ignacio [...]

Intensive EEG Acquisition and Analysis Course

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From July 6th to the 8th, an intensive 20 hour course took place at University of Concepción, dictated by BrainSupport. This seminar was organized by Dr. Mabel Urrutia, from the Faculty of Education, director of the FONDEQUIP EQM18008 project. The expositors explained the bases of the acquisition and analysis of EEG signals, and held practical [...]

Ignacio Osorio Wallace presented at OHBM 2019 (the Organization for Human Brain Mapping annual meeting)

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On June 11th 2019, Electronic Engineer Ignacio Osorio Wallace participated in OHBM (Organization for Human Brain Mapping) 2019, where he presented a paper entitled "FiberVis: a tool for a fast fiber tractography visualization and segmentation", which presents a multi-platform high performance software that allows manipulation and segmentation of fibers calculated from large tractography datasets. The [...]

Professor Pamela Guevara featured in 100 Years 100 Women exhibition

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Professor Pamela Guevara was featured in the "100 Years 100 Women" exhibition, organised by the Departamento de la Mujer del Sindicato 3 de Trabajadores (Department of Women of the Trade Union 3 of Workers), of Universidad de Concepción. The exposition features women that have studied, worked, collaborated and/or participated in UdeC activities, with a long history, [...]

Prof. Pamela Guevara participates as exhibitor at LACONEU 2019

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Professor Pamela Guevara participated as exhibitor of LACONEU 2019, "Latin America Summer School in Computational Neuroscience, which took place in the city of Valparaíso, Chile, from January 7th through the 25th, 2019.   The school counted with prominent national and international exhibitors, and with the presence of postgraduate students, from different Latin American countries, and some [...]