Methods for tractography-based parcellation of the cortical surface

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Project Type: Regular FONDECYT #1190701Position: Head ResearcherAward Year: 2019. Ending Year: 2021. The study of the human connectome is an interesting, growing and key research area.  It has led to the creation of initiatives such as the Human Connectome Project ( and the Human Brain [...]

Interactive System for the Promotion of Language and Communication

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Project Type: FONDEF ID16I10210 Two-Stage IDeA Program  Main Institution: Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Associated Institution: University of Concepción. Position: Alternate Director. Award Year: 2017. Finishing Year: 2018. Director: Marcela Peña G. Alternate Director: Pamela Guevara A. Researchers: Esteban Pino Q., Enrica Pittaluga P. The [...]

Development and optimization of tools for the study of human brain anatomical connectivity using high angular resolution diffusion MRI

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Project Type: FONDECYT Initiation #11121644 Position: Principal Researcher Award Year: 2012. Ending Year: 2015. This project sought to develop and optimize tools for the study and analysis of brain connectivity, using Difussion Magnetic Resonance Imaging (dMRI) data. The studies are based on High Angular [...]