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Final Project

At the end of the course the students develop a Final Project, where they integrate the knowledge learned, plus the search of existing libraries, in a real application. Some integrate the user interface part, with the acquisition/deployment/processing/storage of data, from acquisition systems developed in other courses.

– Detection of diabetes condition from electronic records.

– Guitar tuner software.

– Design and implementation of EEG acquisition and processing interface.

– Design and implementation of server for temperature measurement and remote viewer.

– Creation of graphic interface for the control of a modified RC car.

– Design and implementation of a visualization interface of a wheelchair to graph physiological patterns and positioning of the patient.

– Implementation and evaluation of scaling filter performance pixel art HQ2X.

– Design and implementation of a visualization interface of the state of a data network between two points with IP protocol.

– Design and implementation of a multimedia file transfer application.

– Design and implementation of an interface for validation of clinical data labeling (text files).

– Control of waiting time in Emergency Room through RFID device.

– Design and implementation of a visualization interface and selection of cerebral nerve fibers.

– Visualization of fibers using GLSL.

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