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(In Spanish) Podcast from the Engineering without Distance series, from the Faculty of Engineering at Universidad de Concepción. Participation of professor Pamela Guevara, who was recently named Principal Investigator at the Advanced Center of Electrical and Electronic Engineering AC3E, from Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María.⁣
Pamela talked about her role as a part of the aforementioned organism and her ongoing research on the analysis of brain fibers.⁣


Professor Guevara featured in the Experimenta, ciencia de niñ@s (“Experiment, kids science”), where she presents technological advances developed for the study of brain structure and function.


Interview with professor Pamela Guevara in Estelar TVU regarding the “Short association brain fiber bundle atlas” publication and its application to the study of Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Professor Pamela Guevara featured in I am UdeC.


Report of the Ciencia Sin Ficción (“Science Without Fiction”) program on the research developed by researcher Pamela Guevara and her team for the study of the brain and brain connectivity.


Goals and main results of the FONDECYT Regular 1161427 project, “Development of new tools for the study of human brain connectomics”, led by researcher Pamela Guevara.